here we go…!

I guess I’m officially blogging! To be honest, I’d been putting off becoming another one of those people who decides to start their own blog because they feel like they have important or funny or creative things to say. Or because they’re bored. Or because everyone else is doing it. But I have to admit, there is something exciting, charming (maybe even a bit therapeutic) about capturing your ideas, your thoughts, your fun finds, your favourite things, your adventures and misadventures, all in one place where you can go back and rediscover them—and where others might be able to discover them as well.

So, this is, essentially, just another digital diary—just another girl with a little piece of cyberspace to call her own, looking to share some things that make her happy, make her laugh, or make her feel inspired. And also looking to embrace and celebrate all of the perfect and not-so-perfect moments that make up the 20-something road to real-life grownup-hood. Am I there yet?


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